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Apr 19, 2022

Sometimes when we are buiilding something for the kingdom we can experience a delay that seems like forever.  In this episode Cheyenne and Vanessa explain that sometimes that delay can be caused by us.  They give practical tips on how to steward what you have in that season of delay and how to push through the delay to get to the next level of where God is taking your vision.

Episode Highlights:

  • Some delays are meant for you to develop your foundation
  • Ask the Lord what the delay is, what is its purpose, and how do I push through it
  • Sometimes we can be the cause of our own delay
  • Habakkuk 2:3
  • When the grace lifts where you are at that's a sign of transition
  • Practical steps you can take when you experience delay: 1. Look at what the Lord has equipped you with to carry into your season; 2. How can you manifest who you are and what you carry right now ;3. What can you partner with heaven with and decree in the middle of your delay 4. Celebrate the IT IS DONE


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