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May 3, 2022

In this episode, Cheyenne and Vanessa discusses the creation and formation of Cheyenne's business Thrive Mental Fitology.  Thrive Mental Fitology exists to help people discover who they are and what they carry and helps people break off the old mindsets and wrong ways of thinking so they can align their minds with who God says they are.  Cheyenne explains how she experienced freedom from wrong thinking and how that launched her into creating her business.  Cheyenne and Vanessa also explain that what you carry can shift atmospheres when you walk into a room.

Episode Highlights:

  • Cheyenne shares her I Am statement
  • All of creation is waiting for you to show up in the power of who you are
  • Cheyenne shares how she broke off the mindset of not being good enough and how she wants others to experience that same freedom that she now carries
  • You are a specific tree of God and carry a specific fruit
  • You release joy, peace, and righteousness when you walk into a room
  • Cheyenne explains what Thrive Mental Fitology is

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